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Stablecoins Competing With BUSD In 2022

Because of its infamous volatility, cryptocurrency has a lower level of popular adoption and is used less frequently as a functional platform for exchanging products and services. A cryptocurrency with low volatility is known as a stablecoin. There are several strategies to reduce volatility, one of which is to back the currency with a reliable asset.

Investors that wish to maintain their investments in the cryptocurrency sector might benefit from stablecoins. The process of converting fiat money to cryptocurrency can be time- and money-consuming. Investors are now looking for BUSD as a top stable crypto but there are several stablecoins competing with BUSD. Here are some of them. 

Stablecoins Competing With BUSD In 2022

1. Tether

Tether or USDT intends to offer a virtual currency that is “secure” and has a consistent value. Because of this, USDC is a stable crypto, meaning its value is tied to the worth of one US dollar. The objective is for Tether to consistently hold a similar worth as its backup. You can easily buy USDT. 

No matter the state of the market, 1 Tether may always be exchanged for $1. Tether intends to offer a virtual asset that is “secure” and has a consistent value. Because of this, USDT is a competitor of stablecoin, meaning its worth is tied to the worth of the US dollar.

2. USD Coin

Another virtual dollar is called a USD Coin. It belongs to the class of stable cryptos, which are digital currencies backed by real assets. The U.S. dollar serves as the value in the instance of the USD Coin, and 1 USDC is intended to always keep a value of $1.

Stablecoins are not holdings, but they do have many other applications, and you can frequently get significant interest returns on them. Since its release, USD Coin has grown to be among the top stablecoins globally and was the first crypto chosen to settle Visa transactions. Circle, a P2P payments startup, created USD Coin.

3. True USD

Another virtual currency with USD security is called True USD (tusd). It is widely termed as stable crypto since it has actual US dollar backing. To minimize any associated risks, the TUSD coins employ a variety of institutions as security. Additionally, it legally guards against all forms of exploitation for all token owners.

A platform called TrustToken which is asset-backed developed the True USD coin. This is an ERC-20 coin whose collateralization is openly disclosed. 2018 saw the initial development of True USD. This cryptocurrency’s main goal was to give its users a dependable, simple, and stable form of money.

Why Is Binance Coin Great?

Paxos and Binance have released the fiat-backed stablecoin known as BUSD. Every BUSD coin is 1:1 guaranteed by a deposit of US dollars. BUSD intends to offer a more stable crypto option for professional traders who want to stay away from the market volatility of digital assets. The best app to buy BUSD is available. 

By trading activity, Binance is the biggest crypto exchange on the planet. The introduction of BUSD to the Binance ecosystem is a calculated effort to boost cryptocurrency acceptance even more. Binance can reach a bigger audience of people who might have been hesitant to join the cryptocurrency market because of volatility.

Because this stablecoin is utilized on Binance in a number of pairs, it also serves as a means of exchange promotion. Binance may grow its user base by adding new trading pairings to its marketplace. Native stable cryptos are crucial for a business like Binance because they enable consumers to have a more consistent experience.

BUSD is an Ethereum blockchain-based ERC20 cryptocurrency. It does, nevertheless, also handle BEP-2. The Binance Chain’s creation and transfer of new cryptocurrencies are governed by the BEP-2 technological standard. The best place to buy BUSD is always Binance because it is its own stable cryptocurrency. Binance does many things for BUSD. 

Paxos and Binance have partnered with some biggest institutions in the world to guarantee that there exist few US dollars available to support BUSD in supply. Both have created a buffer that is utilized to support all BUSD coins currently in use. Where to store Binance USD? Well, the best wallet is MetaMask. 


These are the stablecoins competing with BUSD. BUSDs are issued by the licensed financial institution Paxos. It is also an organization that created the well-known PAX stablecoin. Paxos is in charge of keeping the USD deposits needed to support the BUSD coins in its capacity as a crypto custodian. 

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