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Know The Whole Process Of Celebrity Hair Implants

Celebrities with hair implants have had the best outcomes. Hair transplant surgery is a permanent procedure that can be enjoyed for a long time, but the reality is distinct because the outcome might not always be what you expect. If more surgery is required, there are several trials and errors, which can result in more expenses. The outcome is based on the experience and skills of the surgeon. Not opting for the right surgeon might not offer you the permanent outcomes you might be looking for, and then you will be back to square one. This article highlights details on celebrity hair implants; read on.

What are Hair Implants?

Hair implants involve collecting hair follicles from the areas resistant to hair loss and adding them to the balding sites. The procedure usually needs local anesthesia, and the two major hair restoration methods are; Follicular unit extraction and Follicular unit transplantation. During this surgery, you need professional medical assistance from a trained surgeon. Celebrity hair implants are permanent and can appear natural if conducted by experienced surgeons.

Major Hair Transplant Techniques

The main hair transplant methods used during the hair transplant methods are:

  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is the most preferred hair transplant method because it does not result in scarring after the surgery. During this process, the doctor shaves the existing hair and removes hair with follicles. Hair follicles are then inserted in the surgery individually by making incisions.
  • Follicular unit transplantation (FUT)- the FUT method involves cutting a strip of skin from the back of your scalp. The skin that has the hair follicles is separated. Therefore, each graft has two hairs on the scalp, and everyone has two hairs. Some cuts are made, and each graft is placed into the scalp. The donor site where the strip was cut is then stitched up.

FUE and FUT are permanent procedures where the aim is for the implanted hair follicles to keep growing the same way actual hair does. The surgery is painless because local anesthesia is used.

What is the Healing Process After the Hair Transplant Surgery?

After a few days, any bandages are removed. The stitches are removed after around one week. A few weeks after the surgery, the transplanted hair follicles will begin to fall out. This is typical; after six months, new hair will begin to grow. Patients will start to see the outcomes after about a year or 18 months.

Hair Implants Effectiveness

Most celebrities opt for hair implants to get a more youthful appearance. They do everything to ensure they have a full head of hair and a look that their devoted fans can relate to. Hair transplants are invasive and take longer recovery but are celebrities’ main hair replacements. So which celebrities have undergone hair transplants?

Celebrities with Hair Implants

Androgenic alopecia can start thinning out your hair as early as your teenage and early 20s. Hair loss affects more than 80% of men, and nearly half of women experience similar things throughout their lifetimes. This adds up to many people across the world suffering from hair loss. But more celebrities are now turning to hair implants to keep their looks. Here are a few of the celebrities that have undergone hair implants.

Bobby Blotzer Hair Restoration Experience

Bobby Blotzer is one of the celebrities that came out publicly to experience his experience with hair implants. He is a popular musician that plays drums for the heavy metal rock band called RATT. Bobby has been dealing with hair loss for years, and when he finally decided to seek treatment, his friend referred him to a Palm Desert hair restoration clinic. He felt secure under the hands of the senior surgeon Dr. Kahen and the whole PDHR staff, and Bobby decided to undergo two hair transplant procedures conducted by Kahen. With the satisfying outcome, he came out to share his experience during and after the surgery. 

According to him, the outcome made it all worth it. His hairline was natural, and no one could tell he had a hair transplant surgery, and this is critical to most people seeking to undergo hair implants. Doctor Kahen listens to what you want, and the staff is attentive. After this procedure, Blotzer toured with RATT all over the United States.


Celebrity hair implants or hair transplants are considered to be generally successful. These procedures’ success rate is higher than natural solutions and over-the-counter hair restoration treatments. For the best hair transplant candidate, the outcome is guaranteed to last for a lifetime. Therefore, you will not be dancing on ice about your insecurities. After the surgery, healthy hair follicles will replace the inactive ones in balding areas. As noted earlier, hair transplant methods come in different types, but the most popular one is the FUE. 


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